Monday, September 18, 2017


Is there around you one or two people who are avoided because their mouth smells bad ?. Why are they not aware of that bad breath? "People of bad breath are usually unaware of their bad breath because they're used to it, just like body odor, they usually will not notice until someone talks to them," Kumaladewi in Media Education with Listerine / BornProdigy "If the smell is very unbearable by him, then he can know that he is bad breath," Kumaladewi said again. To prevent bad breath can be done in a simple way; toothbrush after meal and before bed. Brush for two to three minutes. Use a 20ml dose for 30 seconds. Mouthwash can reach the entire oral cavity. Gargle properties will fight bacteria in all areas of your mouth, including teeth and gums. One of the mouthwash we already know is Listerine. Arie Untung and Keluarga / "In order for the oral health of my family members to wake up, not only me and my wife, children are now accustomed to rinse Listerine after toothbrush 2 times a day," said Arie who is also a Listerine Brand Ambassador. Let's keep your mouth healthy early on.


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