Monday, September 18, 2017

Surely you are familiar with warnings prohibited smoking.

Surely you are familiar with warnings prohibited smoking.
Danger of Smoking-One of the major consequences if you are a smoker can get from smoking is suffering from heart disease. It is estimated, as much as 20% of deaths of people in the world due to heart disease and is directly related to the daily habit of smoking. Why are cigarettes so dangerous? What are the other negative effects of smoking? Let's Look Here :)
See the content contained on a cigarette. Do you know there are more than 4000 chemicals that can be in 1 cigarette rod. And hundreds of them are toxic substances and also about 70 ingredients in them are cancerous. Hazardous ingredients on a cigarette, among others:
Carbon monoxide. This substance can make you tired quickly. Do you want to try ??
Tar. This substance will settle in your lungs and have a negative impact on the performance of small hair lining the lungs. Do you want to try ??
Oxidant gas. The presence of gas oxide in the body further increases the risk of stroke and heart attacks due to blood clots. Do you want to try ??
Benzene. This oil can damage cells at the genetic level. This substance is also associated with various types of cancer such as kidney cancer and leukemia.Apakah you want to try ??


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