Monday, September 18, 2017

Know your current health condition

1. Know your current health condition

The first is to know first your own health condition means your own self-know your own health, then you will know when to add supplement body endurance.
2. Do physical activities (sports)

The second is the sport, wherever the school and wherever the place is definitely in school there is a sporting lesson or penjas, because the sport is very important to maintain our body health, so from that start to exercise.
3. Choose the right foods

The third is choosing the right foods that mean what? we must be smart in choosing the right foods for our bodies do not taste good but unhealthy, if we can eat the food we eat everyday is a healthy but healthy food than unhealthy good: D heheh.
4. Avoid bad habits

The fourth is to avoid bad habits, such as smoking drinking or using drugs, because that is the main key we damage our own bodies.

5. Managing stress

The fifth is to manage stress if we are too stressed thinking about life or economic problems it would be nice we pray and put our trust in Allah SWT than we just complain and end up causing excessive stress and attack our bodies.

6. Get enough and regular breaks

The sixth is adequate rest, we are in love instead of being a robot, just be a normal human being who can be tired then from that break enough is very useful to keep our body from disease as long as the rest is not excessive. : D

7. Drink plenty of water

The 7th is drinking a lot of water, because every day our bodies do activities that make our body ions less then it's good we always keep the ion content in the body to remain stable.
8. Maintain cleanliness

The last one is maintaining cleanliness, this is an important point because all the above points if we do not maintain cleanliness then useless we do 7 points above.


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